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Lee Segal has leased or sold more than 30 million square feet of office, industrial and commercial real estate in California.  His most recent sales transaction in October 2019 was representing the seller of six industrial buildings on six acres in El Segundo for an undisclosed amount.



Building Size  Tenant 
Carson, CA 57,000 sq. ft. Plumbing Supplies
Carson, CA 59,000 sq. ft. IPS Corp
Compton, CA 32,000 sq. ft.
Gardena, CA 72,000 sq. ft. Screen Door Manufacturing
Los Angeles, CA 21,000 sq. ft. Golden State Water Company
Torrance, CA 6,800 sq. ft. Guru Denim
Torrance, CA 9,800 sq. ft. Furniture Company
Torrance, CA 9,800 sq. ft. Schurman Fine Papers
Torrance, CA 9,800 sq. ft. Korean Machinery Co.
Torrance, CA 10,100 sq. ft.  Computer refurbish

Torrance, CA

12,500 sq. ft. Hardware Supply Co.
El Segundo, CA  3,500 sq. ft. HoMedics                         
El Segundo, CA 3,500 sq. ft ONEHOPE
El Segundo, CA 11,000 sq. ft SAVIYNT
El Segundo, CA 30,000 sq. ft. Beyond Meat


If you have any challenges involving qualifying needs for space, obtaining marketing appraisals, negotiating, or anything else, our industrial and commercial real estate experts can help.

Our industrial and commercial real estate experts work with industrial and commercial real estate stakeholders, including tenants, property owners, developers, lawyers, consultants, asset managers, and facilities managers. As a property owner himself, President and CEO Lee Segal has personally experienced the financial burdens of vacancies and property management issues. As a result, he intimately understands the nuances of the business and handles each client's industrial and commercial real estate property as if it were his own.

Through our comprehensive approach and in-depth industrial and commercial real estate industry expertise, we generate some of the fastest turnarounds in the commercial and industrial real estate business in California.

Our services include:

  • Qualifying needs for industrial and commercial real estate space.
  • Handling zoning issues that affect industrial and commercial real estate property use.
  • Providing market appraisal services to determine optimal industrial and commercial real estate marketing techniques.
  • Coordinating with professional industrial and commercial space planners.
  • Determining industrial and commercial real estate market rates on price per square foot and tenant allowances.
  • Working with or referring the right professionals (attorneys, inspectors, etc.).
  • Facilitating negotiations from the onset of a deal through the signing of an industrial and commercial real estate lease or purchase contract.



Let our 40 years of industrial and commercial real estate experience help you acquire valuable real estate and generate income.
Lee Segal has acquired more than 20 strip malls and neighborhood shopping centers for portfolio management and developed more than three million square feet of office, industrial, and commercial real estate properties in California.
At Segal Commercial Properties, we are passionate about developing investments that fit our clients needs for industrial and commercial real estate space and locations, including manufacturing space and warehousing. We realize that investments do not come cheap, but we also recognize that they are characterized by lesser volatility in challenging markets.
As a result, we work closely with clients to select the right location, negotiate a fair market price, secure funding, obtain experts and suggest appropriate marketing strategies for a wide range of industrial and commercial real estate investments.
An Extensive Network of Resources | More Efficient Project Management
Segal Commercial Properties is widely recognized for its in-depth knowledge of the industrial  and commercial real estate industry and longstanding relationships with contractors, brokers, and legal counsel. We offer clients a wide range of high-quality, professional industrial and commercial real estate property project management services. We also contribute 40 years of design and construction expertise to each industrial and commercial real estate project.
40 Years of Experience | In-Depth Commercial Real Estate Industry Knowledge | Outstanding Client Service
From marketing industrial and commercial real estate properties to managing projects, Segal Commercial Properties has participated in virtually every aspect of the commercial real estate industry. Our breadth of experience helps us deliver a “one-stop shop” for all commercial real estate matters, and we are one of the few firms in the business that can advise on a wide range of matters from building design to purchase agreements.
“We retained Lee to serve as expert witness for us in connection with a commercial lease transaction. He was very responsive, able to follow and take directions well, and he provided both myself and my clients with valuable insight and guidance. I have complete faith in Lee as an expert and I would definitely recommend him to other attorneys.”
Omar Yassin, Attorney, Mokri Vanis Jones, LLP